Meet the Experts

Meet the Scientific Experts behind the Rosell® Institute.

The Rosell® Institute is led by a solid team of passionate scientific experts thriving on challenges, to determined to understand how probiotics can positively impact the microbiome to propose innovative applications.


Picture of Sylvie Binda
Sylvie Binda, Vice-President R&D

Research Director

Picture of Stéphane Bronner
Stéphane Bronner

Program Managers

List under development

Scientific Writer

Picture of Annie Tremblay
Annie Tremblay, PhD, MWC

Clinical Research Specialists

Picture of Sara Caballero Calero
Sara Caballero Calero, M.Sc.
Picture of Varuni Nagulesapillai
Varuni Nagulesapillai, M.Sc.
Picture of Marie-Laure Oula
Marie-Laure Oula, M.Sc.
Picture of Brunella Gonzalez Cautela
Brunella Gonzalez Cautela, M.Sc.

Clinical Research Scientists

Picture of Amal Elmaoui
Amal Elmaoui, B.Sc.
Clinical Lab Manager
Picture of Amanda Piano
Amanda Piano, M.Sc.
New molecular methods development
Picture of Jeremie Auger
Jeremie Auger, M.Sc.

Pre-Clinical Research Scientists

Picture of Jocelyn Belvis
Jocelyn Belvis, B.Pharm.
Picture of Olivier Mathieu
Olivier Mathieu, B.Sc.
Picture of Sadjia Rachek
Sadjia Rachek, M.Sc.

Students and Interns

List under development


List under development