About Us


Applying leading-edge technologies and innovative scientific approaches to the improvement of human health worldwide through understanding the interaction between people and their functional microbiome.

  • 85+ years of know-how
  • 60+ countries
  • 40+ proprietary strains
  • 600+ formulas
  • 330+ publications

Backed by 85 Years of Science

With company roots dating back to 1934, the Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics has been committed to scientific innovation since Day 1. The areas of research focus on the fermentation and bacteria strain improvement processes including factors that influence the technological performance of bacterial strains.

In 1998, the Rosell® Institute was acquired by Lallemand Inc. which paved the way for exciting new research opportunities that focused on the scientific and clinical documentation of probiotic formulations to benefit human health.

The principal offerings of the Rosell® Institute consist of scientifically documented products based on probiotic strains derived primarily from the Rosell® collection. These products include Lacidofil®, Probiokid®, and Cerebiome® formulations, among others and include specific strains under the Rosell® or Lafti® trademark. They are marketed in numerous countries either as dietary supplements or over-the-counter drugs.

As a leader in the investigation, development, and application of living microorganisms, the Rosell® Institute has implemented different research programs focused on better understanding the properties, mechanisms, and effects of probiotics on human health. Along the way, meaningful alliances and collaborative relationships were forged with international public and private partners, which include universities, hospitals, and world-renowned research centers, including:

McGill University
Université de Montréal
University of Saskatchewan
The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Food Research and Development Centre
The National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute
INRA Toulouse
Sapienza Universita di Roma
University of New South Wales
The Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
CHU Louis-Mourier
CHU Nice
CHU Rouen
The University of Milan
Biofortis Nantes
The Hospital for Sick Children affiliated with the University of Toronto