Innovation Program

Finding Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges

 We are committed to accelerating microbiome research to develop new applications, methods, and technology to improve human health. We firmly believe that innovative health solutions can be identified and implemented strategically through cooperation and creative thinking.

This belief has fostered the implementation of our Innovation Program, which is dedicated to promoting innovative research aimed at understanding how dietary and nutritional interventions with potential or demonstrated probiotics affect the host and gastrointestinal microbiota, in the broad context of maintaining general wellness and health in humans.

Let’s Create Something Together

Since 1934, the Rosell Institute has been collaborating with key opinion leaders and scientific experts to develop global partnerships that include universities, hospitals, and research centers. We are an extension of your team who care about the progression of your project from development through to the patients that use them. Our team are experts in their field with vast scientific knowledge and can custom tailor solutions to your project.  Every partner large or small gets our utmost attention and benefits from a customized service plan.

We Support You at Each Stage of Development

From clinical phases through to commercialization, at the Rosell® Institute, we provide a complete range of solutions that includes collaborative research led by us or investigators. Speak with us. We’re always available to discuss partnerships, projects or provide technical information about our Rosell® Institute’s probiotic strains.

For general inquiries about the Rosell® Institute, please visit our Contact Us page.