Inspiring scientific schedule for the 11th Probiotics, Prebiotics and New Foods conference

Brunella Gonzalez Cautela, M.Sc.A. Clinical Research Specialist within the Clinical Program at the Rosell® Institute from Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand, will be speaking at the eleventh edition of Probiotics, Prebiotics and New Foods, Nutraceuticals & Botanicals for Nutrition and Human and Microbiota Health conference and second edition of the Science and Business Symposium which will be held from September 12 to 14, 2021, at the Urbaniana University in Roma, Italy.

“My presentation will explore the clinical evidence surrounding the use of psychobiotics – more specifically Cerebiome® – in the management of stress-related symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.  Various mechanisms of action and future opportunities will be discussed.”, summarizes Ms. Brunella Gonzalez Cautela.

The organisers have put together an extensive scientific programme, covering subjects such as next-gen probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics, the gut microbiota, food science, and human nutrition, the gut-brain axis, botanicals, microbial mediators and intestinal homeostasis probiotics, prebiotics and botanicals in health and in diseases, probiotics for sport nutrition, immuno-oncology and gut microbiota, women microbiome, probiotics regulatory, early microbiota colonization and the eye microbiome. For more information visit the conference website

About Brunella Gonzalez Cautela, M.Sc.A.
Brunella Gonzalez Cautela, M.Sc. is a Clinical Research Specialist within the Clinical Program at the Rosell® Institute from Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand. Brunella holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology from McGill University, and a bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Neuroscience from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. This academic background grants Brunella with multidisciplinary skills and remarkable versatility. Her main role within the clinical team is to manage and coordinate clinical trials of the Lallemand Health Solutions portfolio, from their conception to the end. Brunella’s main interests are the effects of probiotics on the enteric and central nervous systems, as well as the potential use of probiotics as adjuvant therapy in mental disorders.

About The Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand
Lallemand Health Solutions’ research and development center located at the National Research Council of Canada in Montreal, develops partnerships with key scientific experts to study the human microbiome and how probiotic supplements can be used to improve or maintain health in specific populations or health segments. The research team has issued over 330 publications including 160 clinical studies.

About Lallemand Health Solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions is a privately-owned Canadian company that researches, manufactures, and markets probiotic bacteria and yeast to nutritional and pharmaceutical companies that sell to the consumer and is a global leader of the probiotic industry with 600 formulas distributed in more than 60 countries. Lallemand Health Solutions is a research driven company and has an interest in innovative tools to evaluate the beneficial effect of probiotics in the human body and to understand the mechanisms of action of these microorganisms.


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