Lallemand Health Solutions new active member of the APM

Lallemand Health Solutions new active member of Alliance Promotion Microbiote

Lallemand Health Solutions joins up to support the mission of the Alliance Promotion Microbiote, a newly formed association to place the microbiome at the heart of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for better health. This initiative brings together key players in the microbiome sector to solidify France global frontrunner position in this field.

Lallemand Health Solutions, one of the probiotic industry world-class leader, will add its strengths to the 23 members, coming from both public and private sectors, of this alliance formed in March 2021. The coalition is committed to develop and secure access to innovative therapies for patients and believe new therapeutic perspectives based on the microbiome and exploiting the most recent technological advances (artificial intelligence, high throughput genetic sequencing, etc.) will revolutionize current medicine and help address many major public health challenges of today and tomorrow linked to the microbiome.

“As one of the first members coming from the dietary/food supplement area, we will add our voice to attract attention. We are eager to share our expertise to help shape the sector. Our deepest conviction is to be at the forefront of the microbiome field. And we won’t do this alone. We already massively invest in research and development, and we will continue to empower scientific collaboration, encourage interdisciplinary research and to promote microbiome innovations. Therefore, we are proud to be joining this initiative”, said Sylvie Binda, Research and Development Director for Microbiome Program and Bioprocess and Galenic Center Platforms at Lallemand Health Solutions.

The members embark on a journey to catch French public authorities’ attention on microbiome prospective, firstly, but have the ambition to attract investors and reach out to European leaders too.

About Alliance Promotion Microbiote

Alliance Promotion Microbiote aims to promote the French ecosystem involved in the emerging science of the microbiota. Its objective is to build a leading ecosystem positioning France as a European leader in the development, production and marketing of scientific and therapeutic innovations linked to the microbiota, with the ambition to bring innovative therapies to patients, support national players, develop France attractiveness as a European leader in the world top 3.