Lallemand Steps in to Support COVAX-UNICEF Campaign with a $US 100,000 donation

Lallemand contributes to the unprecedented global COVID-19 vaccination campaign via the COVAX Facility with a $US 100,000 donation to UNICEF Canada. With over 4,500 employees on five continents and a worldwide presence, Lallemand has also set up a global dollar-for-dollar employee matching campaign, up to an additional $US 25,000. This means that a total of $US 150,000 could be donated to the global vaccination efforts.

“The global pandemic will not end until it is over for everyone, everywhere. The COVAX Facility was set up to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are delivered equitably globally and UNICEF is a key player in this effort.  As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF has a unique and longstanding expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need. UNICEF is uniquely positioned to ensure rollout efforts of COVID-19 vaccines in all COVAX member countries. We are proud to support the global efforts to help bring this pandemic to an end.” Affirms Antoine Chagnon, President, and chief executive officer at Lallemand.

To give a case figure, a $US 150,000 contribution would allow to vaccinate up to 40,000 people. UNICEF is working to ensure that all countries participating in the Facility (currently 190) have equitable access to 2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2021. UNICEF is counting on the additional help of leaders, worldwide. Even though in many countries the vaccination is advancing well, and restrictions are being gradually lifted, with a fast-moving pandemic, no one is safe, unless everyone is safe.

Cooperation spells success… our motto is once again relevant, and this donation is one way for us to walk the talk. To face this global pandemic, concerted efforts and exceptional actions must be deployed. This is an empowering opportunity for Canadian business and philanthropic leaders to be a part of making history. Lallemand is a global company and has benefited tremendously from interactions across borders and so all employees are encouraged to participate in this campaign. Any amount will help, however small or large it may be. The pandemic doesn’t end for anyone, until it ends for everyone. This is a race against time, and there is a real need to act swiftly to vaccinate as many people globally as possible.” concludes Antoine Chagnon.

All Canadian companies can join UNICEF Canada and #ShareTheHealth today by visiting For all other countries, visit your national UNICEF website to learn more.


About the Lallemand group

The Lallemand group, is a private Canadian company specializing in the development, production and marketing of yeasts, bacteria and other ingredients linked to these microorganisms or their market.

About Lallemand Health Solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions is a vertically integrated probiotic manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of probiotic yeast and bacteria. Its ready-to-market and custom probiotic formulations target specific populations and health segments including Gut health, Natural defenses, Mental health, Women’s health, Skin health, Oral health, Sport and Metabolism. From lab to shelf, Lallemand Health Solutions has the full control and expertise to produce premium probiotic solutions, blends and custom formulations in cutting-edge plants certified to the highest quality. More than 600 probiotic formulas are currently marketed in over 60 countries across five continents.

About UNICEF’s role in COVAX

UNICEF is leveraging its experience as the largest single vaccine buyer in the world and working with manufacturers and partners on the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine doses, as well as freight, logistics and storage. In collaboration with the PAHO Revolving Fund, UNICEF is leading efforts to procure and supply doses of COVID-19 vaccines for COVAX. In addition, UNICEF, Gavi and WHO are working with governments around the clock to ensure that countries are ready to receive the vaccines, with appropriate cold chain equipment in place and health workers trained to dispense them.


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